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Please act now to save our greenbelt and protect our village communities and wildlife!

Under regulation 19 of the Kent Mineral Sites plan, only 2 ‘sand and gravel’ sites have been selected for mineral extraction for at least the next 20 years! These potential quarry sites will have a devastating effect on our wildlife and surrounding countryside.

If these quarry sites are approved for planning permission our village communities and precious countryside will suffer severe and irreversible impacts for us and many future generations.

If you live in Golden Green, Hadlow, East Peckham, Tonbridge, Capel, Five Oak Green, Whetsted, Pembury, Paddock Wood, Teston, Yalding, or any other surrounding areas, this vast quarrying development will impact you.

We will see massive scale environmental impacts to our villages causing damage including:

  • Increase in flood risk, severe dust, noise, light and air pollution as well as potential pollution to the River Medway,
  • Massive increase in HGV traffic transporting millions of tons of sand and gravel through our villages on local roads.
  • Huge loss of wildlife, habitats and biodiversity
  • Massive scale environmental impact with no positive benefits to the community.
Please refer to the steps above to see how you can help save our greenbelt and Keep Kent Green!

Quarries Planned
Trucks On Our Roads
Per Day
Acres of Greenbelt at Risk
Million Tonnes
of Sand & Gravel Extracted

Birds Eye View

The destruction of our countryside has already begun.

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Town hall meeting

Tom Tugendhat MP

Friday 8 February 3-5pm ~ Mission Hall, Golden Green. Please attend this meeting with our MP Tom Tugendhat to discuss the concerns we have regarding the latest quarry proposals and how these will affect our community in the future.
Link to Hadlow Parish Council

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